Friday, September 8, 2017


When a bubble breaks,

the air inside unites with the vastness outside!

so there is only a small gap between the minute and the whole!

so is life!

When we die, the life force (or athma)

unites with the infinite.

so is atom!

the small , the protons,neutrons, molecule 

etc are the minute particle of universe.

both are same!

last stage or first stage of the infinite is atom.

Only it's size varies with each living things.

This atom is our Om!

The smallest and the biggest can't do anything except being 

but the middle one, the projection, we , only can interpret everything!

The person who intrepret, grasp more , express more are Gods!

So, Gods were here in variosforms!

Jesus, Krishna, Alla, Ramakrishna, Rumi, etc.

All those great souls who showed /shows extra ordinary strengths and thoughts were Gods..       

are Gods!!

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